Bunn-o-Matic Corporation 

 December 5, 2016

By  Dorian Bodnariuc

Bunn-O-Matic Corporation is a manufacturer of coffee and tea-making equipment headquartered in Springfield, Illinois with a sister plant in Creston, Iowa. Founded by George Bunn, who invented the fluted coffee filter, its customers are primarily institutional foodservice providers. The company also offers a product line for home use and introduced the first commercial quality drip brewer for the home market in 1972. Its products are sold under the Bunn and Bunn-o-Matic brands.

The Bunn core values in their approach to coffee making are Honesty, integrity and Courtesy.

Bunn-O-Matic are environmentally conscious and run the Bunn Respect Earth initiative, which is focused on preserving the earth for future generations by maintaining and respecting the coffee manufacturing process, from field to cup.

Bunn also have a Community Outreach program, in which employees are encouraged to take paid time off in order to volunteer and become involved in philanthropy for coffee and tea producers in developing countries. During the 8 years that the Community Outreach program has been running, employees of Bunn have volunteered over 12,000 hours serving over 250 organizations.

Bunn is the American distributor for the Tiger Super Automatic Espresso machine, made by Thermoplan AG.

To this day Bunn-O-Matic is still proudly privately held and family owned.


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