December 5, 2016

By  Dorian Bodnariuc

Bodum, Inc. , (also known as BODUM) is a tableware and kitchenware company founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1944 by Peter Bodum. In 1978, the son of the founder and new chief executive officer, Jørgen Bodum, moved the company to Switzerland to relocate Bodum to central Europe. Among the products Bodum makes are the Bodum French press, vacuum coffee brewers (the “Santos”), and double-walled beverage glasses made of borosilicate glass.

Although Bodum are technically a general kitchenware company, the majority of their business and sales is centred around their coffee equipment, especially their French press.

From 2016-2019 Bodum had a partnership with Starbucks, during which time Starbucks sold the Bodum French press as their main French press in store.

Another big selling product for Bodum is their pour over coffee maker. This filter coffee brewer is an all in one piece, similar to the Chemex Coffee Maker, where the user brews and serves coffee from the same device. The fact that there is no need to transfer the coffee to a separate decanter means that heat is preserved for longer. The Bodum pour over coffee maker also differs from the competition in that it comes with a permanent, metal mesh filter in place of standard filter coffee paper filters. The mesh filter has the advantage of being reusable and being totally tasteless, compared to the paper filters with which a paper residue taste can sometimes be noted in the coffee, if the paper filter isn’t rinsed properly.

However, the mesh filter doesn’t filter as finely and so does not yield as clean a cup as the paper filter.

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